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October 14, 2001

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Security Conscious Training

Security Conscious offers Security Professionals the most up to date and advanced training available. We recognize that although the days of the night watchmen are not totally abolished they are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Security personnel are being relied on more and more to provide an active response to criminal activity. Security officers are truly becoming the first line of defense against crime.

Security Conscious offers courses that are individually tailored to the needs of security companies and the professionals that work for them. Our curriculum ranges from basic courses including handcuffing, nonviolent crises intervention, report writing and memo book maintenance to laws and statute application, powers of arrest, handcuff retention and application. Security Conscious has a long list of professionals available to teach public relations, problem solving in the workplace and race relations.


It is all part of the Security Conscious commitment to the growing security industry in Canada and around the world. Our graduates return again and again for upgrading and courses on new topics. The list of graduates actively working in the security industry is now over twelve hundred and the number keeps growing every year. With Security Officers facing new and more dangerous situations and with security companies being retained to perform more and more diverse tasks, Security Conscious is the best way to make you exactly that,

"Security Conscious".


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