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April 9, 2003

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Security Conscious Canada was established in 1994 by a group of Security Professionals. The mission of Security Conscious was to develop training and education for the security industry and those persons who provided it in Ontario.

Since its inception Security Conscious has trained over 1500 Security Professionals in courses that range from Basic Handcuff Techniques to Security Report Writing. Our graduates work for some of the most distinguished companies in Ontario and operate in all levels of the Security Industry. Our curriculum was developed by studying the industry and with the assistance of a study prepared by grants provided by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

Security Conscious now provides Security Consulting Services and Training to both private and public companies, and we continue to be an industry leader in advocating the issues that face the industry to all levels of Government.

Our President has been invited to speak at the Federal Security IAS Committee in Ottawa, and is currently a member of the Province's "Private Security Industry Advisory Committee", which was established by the Registrar of the Private Investigators and Security Guards Branch of the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services.

Today we continue to develop training programs and security solutions for companies and individuals faced with the security issues of the future. Our progressive programs allow us to develop site-specific training programs and on the job presentation of training modules allowing us to bring the theoretical training into a practical environment.

Our staff has over two decades of experience in the business and we keep on growing.

Security Conscious is proud to serve the Security Industry and we strive to give Security Professionals and private citizens the training to perform their duties as efficiently and safely as possible.

If we can help you or your company develop or administer a training program please drop us a line.

Remember that Security and Safety go hand in hand and you can never be too careful about the protection of your property, resources, employees, and family.